Hello, Love. I just want you to know that I'm here for you no matter what it is, okay? My ask is always open, and I'm more than happy to help with anything. You're gonna be okay one day, I promise.

This blog can only stay active with your help! I’m completely out of submissions but I know you guys have ideas! Please share them!

searching-for-what asked: Thanks for following! My first follower.. Haha i just started my blog

You’re very welcome !! Good luck on here UwU

Anonymous asked: You're beautiful

thank you so much !!

Anonymous asked: Hi

hello !!

I’m so sorry that I haven’t been on much lately, but I promise I still care about each and every one of you!!

thatssopaigey asked: When are you posting submissions?or are you a little busy at the moment..:)

I’ve actually been pretty busy but I’m making a queue to keep more active !!

nutellawalnut asked: Thank you so much for following me <3 I love your blog so much c:

You’re very welcome, love !!

I hope that everyone’s Valentine’s Day went okay! You all deserve the best, alright?

Anonymous asked: Hey, thank you so much for following me(: I really appreciate your account :)

You’re very welcome !!

I’m still here for anyone who needs help!!